We list some FAQ (Frequently asked questions) here. If you have more questions not listed, please let us know by email: info@canadaflora.ca.

Q1: What do you charge if I order flowers with you?

A1: We try to make everything clear and simple to understand. The fees we charge are: 1) flower arrangement, 2) service fee. The arrangement fee is the flower value you ordered; the service fee is on flat rate.

Q2: Why do you charge service fee?

A2: We put lots of efforts on either delivering your flowers, or sending your order to our trusted partner. The service fee is for delivery and our commission.

Q3: I see other websites have the similar flowers but the price is cheaper. Can you match it?

A3: First of all, please make sure they do not charge you other extra fees. Yes, we know some websites have cheap flowers, but when you checkout, they will charge you more fees, such as Low Order Fee, Transmission Fee, etc. You will see that you may pay more. We do not like to play the game. We only charge flowers value and service fee. If you do find other websites, who exist at least one year, have cheaper price on the Total with similar flowers AND the fees (exclude promotion, discount etc.), please send us the link and your screenshot. Once we confirm it, we will match the price plus you will get 10% credit (on flowers value) to your account. You can use it next time.

Q4: It seems you do not have same day delivery, why?

A4: We encourage our clients to place order at least two days before. The reason is that, sometimes, we may run out of the flowers you ordered. You want same-day-delivery, so we understand how important the day is for you. We do not want you missed the important moment because of us. Thus, we prefer not to have the Same-Day-Delivery service.

Q5: Is it safe to place order on your website?

A5: Our website has SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) - you can see that, before our website link, there is a lock (). It means we have SSL protection. All your information are protected. On the top-left of the website homepage, you can find the SSL certificate (). Click and read the certificate, you will see there is up to $50,000 warranty. Besides, we use Square Online Gateway as the payment. Your credit card information DO NOT pass to us.

Q6: I do not have credit card. How can I pay the order?

A6: Please note that we also accept PayPal, cryptocurrencies (such as BTC, ETH, Doge, etc), e-Transfer, Bank Transfer, Money Order etc. Please send an email to us for detail.

Q7: Is it possible to cancel the order?

A7: Yes, you have the right to cancel the order. However, please read our Terms & Conditions for the cancellation. Basically, the cancellation deadline is 24 hours before the delivery date. For example, if you asked delivery on Jan 3rd, the cancellation deadline is 12:00 am of Jan 2nd.

Q8: I have complain for the flowers received, what should I do?

A8: Your satisfaction is our priority. If you are unhappy for the flowers received, please let us know without any hesitate. You can fill out the complain form at the footer, or just send us an email with the picture(s). We can work together to find a way to solve the problem. We may response up to 5 business days while we investigate. We thank you for your patience.

Q9: How I can get Reward Points, and how to use it?

A9: When you place an order on our website, the system automatically calculate the Reward Points you supposed to receive, based on the flowers value (NO Reward Points for Delivery Fee). These Reward Points will be suspended until the order status marked as "completed", then the Reward Points will be released to your account. The Reward Points will never expire. You have option to use those Reward Points for your next order; or if you like to have cashback, simply send an request by email with your name, we will send the money to your PayPal account (redeem by every 100 points, which equals to CA$5). It is your responsibility to ensure your PayPal account information correct. Once we sent the money to the account which you provided, we will not issue again for any reason, unless it is our fault. Please note that Reward Points / Cashback only be given to registered clients (Guest will not receive Reward Point/Cashback); if you need to gain and/or use the Reward Points, you must login your account.

Q10: Where I can find my reward points?

A10: First of all, please make sure when you placed an order, DO NOT use Guest Checkout, please login your account. If you do not have account, you can register one while checking out. It is impossible to issue reward points if you use Guest. Second, please remember that your points will be released when the order completed. Third, you only can see your point in your account; thus you must login to see it (if you do not login, you are the Guest).